Zemirot II


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The Turkish-Sephardic liturgical culture is both a long-standing and traditional culture and it possesses the knowledge of many generations of experts as it is an oral tradition and transferred from master to apprentice. In this world of ours that becomes more and more global every day, historic documentation has become very important. The Ottoman-Turkish Sephardic Culture Research Center, founded in December of 2003 has been trying to document the Turkish-Sephardic liturgical culture. Documenting and preserving the synagogue hymns has been one of the projects of the Center. It is no coincidence that the Yako Taragano Synagogue Hymns Choir was chosen to make this CD as the choir has been involved in singing the hymns for many years and have a lot of experience. The 14 hymns were chosen from a rich repertoire of synagogue hymns, sung for the CD after their scores were all recorded and they have been presented with translations in 3 languages, Turkish, English and Judeo-Spanish.


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