Trezoro Sefaradi (2 volumes)


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Volume 1: Folklor de la Famiya Djudiya Volume 2: De Punta Pie a Kavesa The Sephardic Treasury comprises the proverbs and idioms in the Judeo-Spanish language that the Jews exiled from Spain in 1492 brought with them. These ‘sayings’, which even after more than five hundred years still maintain their validity and their meaningfulness reflect all the different phases of Jewish life with its traditions, beliefs, social life etc. The first of the two volumes of Trezoro Sefaradi, “Folklor de la Famiya Djudiya” (The Folklor of the Jewish Family) comprises the concept of familiy in the Jewish culture. The second book, “De Punta Pie a Kavesa” (From the ends of the Feet to the Head) comprises the proverbs and idioms that have to do with all the parts of the body. The Judeo-Spanish ‘sayings’have been translated into Turkish, English and French. This book, which is the result of twenty years’ work, is a candidate to being one of the best works to transmit the Sephardic culture to future generations…