Anyos Munchos i Buenos: Nice İyi Yıllar (Laurence & Ayşe Salzmann) (Turkish)


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“Anyos Munchos i Buenos (Nice İyi Yıllar) Türkiye Sefaradları: 1492-1992”, is over 500 years is a photo book offers glimpses of the lives of Sephardic Jews living in our country.
This album, consisting of the color and black-and-white photographs taken by the famous American photographer Laurence Salzmann during his visit to our country between 1984 and 1989, sheds light on history in terms of reflecting the life and view of life of the period. Pictures in the book were exhibited in many countries, including Turkey at different times; included in various collections.
Years later, Gözlem Gazetecilik publishes this work in two languages, English and Turkish, and presents it to those who are interested in the subject.